Bilko provides free image processing software, tutorials and example data for remote sensing education.
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Annual average sea surface temperature from AATSR

Virtual global faculty for remote sensing


30 Mar 2019: The latest version of Bilko 3.4 provides improvements to batch processing of images and Bilko Help. It retains all the features added for the ESA LearnEO! project. Download from our software page.


10 Sep 2018: New lesson on extracting local time series of SST from global image archives.
This Module 7 lesson has been substantially revised to take advantage of the latest version of Bilko, released a week ago. More information and lesson download

Bilko is a complete system...

...for learning and teaching remote sensing image analysis skills. Current lessons teach the application of remote sensing to oceanography and coastal management, but Bilko routines may be applied to the analysis of any image in an appropriate format, and include a wide range of standard image processing functions.

Supported by UNESCO, Bilko is available to registered users absolutely free!

All you need to download software or lessons is your registered e-mail address.

Bilko components:

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The software: PC-based, easy to use, and surprisingly powerful

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Tutorials and mini lessons: A step by step approach to image processing and analysis

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Thematic modules and lessons: Remote sensing applied to specific problems

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The Bilko network: A thriving, global community of users and lesson producers.

Using Bilko to learn image processing:

The Bilko software is accompanied by a number of lessons that show how to carry out common image processing routines. Others demonstrate different applications of remote sensing.


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Bilko v.3.4

March 2019

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Mini Lessons

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SPOT image from Bilko Module 7 on Coastal Management Images from the Bilko Envisat Module
  • Tutorials deal with how to use the Bilko software, and teach common image processing techniques.
  • Mini-lessons are short tutorials, each dealing with a specific, advanced, image processing topic, that can be completed in about an hour.
  • Lessons generally deal with an application of remote sensing data, and take longer to complete than the mini-lessons - typically 2-3 hours.
  • Modules are collections of lessons with a common theme. This can be an application area such as Coastal Management or different applications of data from a particular satellite.
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