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Conditions of use for Bilko software and teaching materials

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All Bilko teaching materials (including software, lessons, images, or other related items) is being provided free of charge. By obtaining, using and/or copying any software or materials distributed by the Bilko Project, you agree that you have read, understood, and will comply with the following terms and conditions of use.

Software and lessons

  • The copyright of Bilko software and lessons is vested with UNESCO.
  • All Bilko lesson materials are open to modification, improvement and extension by teachers for their own purposes.
  • Bilko lesson material may freely be distributed by teachers to their students, whether modified by them or not, on the sole condition that it is not sold.
  • Where Bilko teaching material is distributed as part of a course or workshop for which a fee is charged, it must be clear that such fees are charged for instruction or supervision, not for the Bilko software of teaching materials.
  • Anyone who distributes Bilko materials to others should include all pre-existing copy-right and ownership information with the material that is distributed.
  • Where possible anyone who distributes Bilko material to non-registered users, should encourage these to register with the Bilko Project through the Bilko website.


Any copyrighted figure, photo or other illustration supplied as part of a Bilko lesson may only be redistributed as part of a Bilko lesson, and with the details of the source and/or copyright holder still included. Any other use of such copy-right material must first be cleared with the copyright holder. Where no source or copyright information accompanies an illustration, it may be assumed that any rights belong to the original lesson authors, and permission for use outside the context of a Bilko lesson must be sought from them.

Image data

Copyright and ownership of image data supplied with the lessons varies, depending on the origin of such material. Details of this are distributed with the images, and any lessons within which these images are used. All image data are supplied on the following conditions:

  • The image data may be freely used and distributed for education purposes.
  • Commercial use of any images, including sale for education purposes, is prohibited without prior permission of the original owner or copyright holder, details of which are included with the images and lessons when supplied by Bilko.
  • Bilko users who redistribute images for education purpose must ensure that the original information about image source, ownership and conditions of use are supplied with the image data.
  • If an image obtained from the Bilko Project is used in any publication, whether electronic or in print, the original source and/or copy-right holder(s) must be acknowledged in the publication.

Palettes, filters and formulae

Palettes, filters and formulae supplied with Bilko lessons are free, and may be modified by users as they wish. Users who wish to share new or modified formulae and filters with others, should make sure that they are accompanied by suitable documentation explaining their use.

Reference documents

Reference documents included with Bilko teaching materials are distributed with the permission of the authors, and subject to standard copyright legislation. Any Bilko user who publishes or distributes information that includes or is based on such reference documents should comply with copyright law, and acknowledge their sources in the usual way.


UNESCO, the Bilko Project office, software developers, image providers and lesson authors will not be liable for any direct or indirect, special or consequential damages arising from use of the Bilko software, images or other lesson materials.

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