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Bilko Module 8

Application of Remote Sensing to Fisheries Management

Edited by J.Morales

This module demonstrates the application of satellite remote sensing and GIS to fisheries management.

This module is also available in Spanish

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Contents of Module 8

Section 1:

Introduction to Bilko v.3 image processing software

Section 2:

Practical lessons using coastal image data of the Caicos Bank



Evaluation of potential swordfish (Xiphias gladius ) fishing grounds off Central Chile, by the use of remotely sensed Sea Surface Temperature satellite data


Sea surface thermal conditions in the North Atlantic in relation to fishery activities


The use of spaceborne synthetic aperture radar (sar) in the monitoring and management of bering sea fisheries


Pelagic fisheries: Application of general processing techniques to remotely sensed images


Training module on GIS applications and the spatial allocation of fishing intensity from coastal ports. An example of application in the Digby Bay (Nova Scotia).


Identification of potential fishing zones in Indian waters using satellite derived sea surface temperature


Understanding spatial patterns of shrimp ponds using visual interpretation of satellite imagery

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